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I came upon the idea of painting cafe scenes by a local proprietor who was thinking about commissioning me to do one. Although that didn't work out, he gave me the idea. So I am on a series of three cafe scenes. One cafe for myself and my two sisters; we're each in our own cafe. I finally got down to doing these, although I haven't got my own one done yet. So, two out of three isn't bad , as they say.

I've enjoyed doing them and they have been extremely challenging and have exhausted me on many occasions. But I have lived to tell the tale of my sisters and their cafes.

Oldest sister setting is an up market very tasteful and artistic cafe, Middle sister's is in fact a pub. And that's her in the middle.

Next is to do my one. Wish me luck

I paint lots of birds. My very first painting in watercolour was a bird too. I called it "first bird" because I knew it would be the first of many.

These two birds appear to be very fond of one another. One is smoothing the ruffled feathers of the other.

It's currently on show in the Halpern Gallery, Nucleus Arts in Chatham, Kent.

Over the years I have painted many Archangel Michaels. Including one of him in glass. This is my latest. I'm pleased with it, although it might not be popular amongst other people for whatever reason.

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